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Service and Installation

Westhusing’s installs, services, and repairs petroleum equipment, point-of-sale systems, and more for retail locations and other fuel facilities across Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. They provide responsive service that is second to none, as their mission is to field any and all calls as quickly as possible and accommodate any degree of emergency within the necessary timeframe.

  • Fuel dispensing
  • Fueling infrastructure
  • Leak detection
  • Storage tanks
  • Inventory management
  • POS systems

Our Products

Petroleum Equipment

We provide fueling equipment for convenience stores, truck stops, storage facilities, and agricultural operations across Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado.

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Point of Sale Systems

We are also an end-to-end point of sale provider for retail fuel and fleet fueling operations.

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Our Services

Service and Installation

We service and repair any and all fueling equipment and related infrastructure, as well as a wide array of point of sale systems and more.

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Testing and Compliance

We perform and certify all government-required compliance testing pertaining to fueling infrastructure, storage tanks, and retail fuel equipment.

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Industry expertise in your corner.

We are committed to keeping our customers informed of the latest payment technology, fuel trends, environmental regulations, and government compliance mandates.  Our knowledge and expertise regarding petroleum and point of sale equipment will keep your operation a step ahead in an ever-changing industry.