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Service/Construction Technician

Job Description
Our technicians are responsible for a wide array of general and specialty labor, based on experience and competency, as directed by the Company service and project managers.

Utilize company vehicle and equipment to perform service calls and construction jobs, communicating thoroughly with coworkers and customers
Operate vehicles and equipment in a safe and responsible manner on public roadways and customer properties
Thoroughly and accurately complete all necessary documentation associated with service calls and projects
Abide by all company policies and protocols when conducting company business
Maintain licensing, permitting, and certifications as required by management, vendors, and local/state/federal authorities

Basic construction/repair experience in any number of industries
Must have the ability to communicate well with coworkers and customers, and work well in a team environment
Must have or be capable of obtaining vendor and/or government certifications

Physical Requirements
Must frequently stand, walk, bend, twist, stoop, and kneel
Must be capable of maintaining balance on small stools and ladders
Must be capable of lifting up to 75lbs without assistance
Must be capable of reading, writing, and speaking English clearly

Bonus/Incentive Programs
Vacation/Sick PTO
Health Insurance
Supplemental Cafeteria Insurance and Retirement Plans

Seeking technicians in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma

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